Hi, I'm Sarah Palmer. I'm a photographer, designer, and creative craftyperson based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to make new things every day.

My hobbies include: papercraft, screen printing, book making, drawing, painting, set design & fabrication, embroidery, playing with clay, collecting all the things, making tiny nightlights, shining light through prisms, and reading a good book in a cozy spot.

My clients include: Skillshare, Instagram, Google, Hulu, MoMA/ Allianz, Apple, Smart Car, Warby Parker, Master & Dynamic, Mercedes-Benz, Clinique, The Academy Awards, Autotrader, DSW Shoes, Straight Talk Wireless, Burger King, Pepsi NEXT / AirBnB, and Verizon.

Represented by:
tinker street* / jesse@tinker-street.com